• Sybarite Jewellery Dinner

    We designed and produced a dinner for Sybarite Jewellery hosted by Natalia Vodianova at Zaha Hadid’s Sackler Gallery.Taking inspiration from Sybarite’s jewellery line we created a table of moving ballerinas and carousels who were set on an illuminated silver runner. Guests were greeted by a life sized snow globe containing a whimsical performance to music. Inside, the air of romanticism continued  with snow globe placements and a dreamy mirror moon photo set. Following dinner guests pulled bespoke crackers and one lucky lady found the key to a pair of Sybarite earrings, for those who weren’t so lucky on leaving the party they received a goodie box filled with bespoke glass engraved Sybarite baubles and chocolates created in the shape of the Sybarite print. A fun way to start the Christmas festivities….

  • Christmas Crackers – a how-to

    We’ve been busy making hundreds of crackers for Louis Vuitton Charming Christmas parties all over the UK – so many that we’re now bonafide christmas cracker experts. We thought we’d put this to good use just before Christmas and create a mini cracker tutorial so that you can cracker-make at home. We filled ours with mini bottles of champagne bubbles, Japanese paper balloons and bespoke perspex good luck charms, but do add in your own personal touches. My personal favourites this Christmas are some beautiful silk knickers from Agent Provocateur and Sermon Vouchers from the the School of Life. No more plastic screwdriver kits and bad jokes ……Enjoy!

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