Pandora Press Day


We’ve developed a thing for playing with paper recently. It’s nice that something so practical and utilitarian can, when artfully crafted, pleated, folded and manipulated becomes something quite spectacularly sculptural. For the Pandora Press day in the Mandarin Oriental last week we decked the ballroom with thousands and thousands of paper flowers. We have yet to calculate how many hours went into creating these but it was many…many…hundreds. Paper worker elves mushroomed and multiplied in our studio, intricately folding and finessing over Frappucinos. Thank you to Anna and all our paper helpers who held the paper forte while some of us wafted around The Secret Garden Party and Port Eliot. When Vogue Blogs it. It’s worth it.

In a very glamorous act of paper recycling we are re-using each and every paper flower at Pandora’s next event in Monaco. Sure beats the recycling bin….




Anna tending to her flowers


Makeda and Pascale’s Secret Flower Party…..


Paper Pillars


We still love lace and had bespoke Pandora panels woven in Scotland for the event


A long stretch of Gold Mirror displays Pandora’s new collection of watches


We lit golden birdcages showcasing Pandora watches with beautiful antique filament bulbs and gold flex


Cocktails in the garden from our living herb bar. Herby Wallbanger anyone?