Midnight in Paris

I recently had a dreamlike visit to paris. When I need a dose of inspiration and some old fashioned glamour all I need is a ticket to the most anticipated show (Marc Jacobs 10th anniversary at Louis Vuitton) and I’m there.

Went to the Jean Paul Goude retrospective at Les Arts Décoratifs which was amazing. No words I write can do justice to his genius. Go to the show if you can and see a visionary at work. I could say the same for the Tim Burton show at Cinémathèque Française which I went to that night. Inspiring in so many ways . I especially loved the collections of doodled on napkins, newspapers and notebooks that were so compelling to see and looked beautiful framed

Click HERE to see a moving piece from the Tim Burton exhibition.

The following night it was Christian Louboutins ” FEU” show at the crazy horse. I love the Crazy horse and I love Christian Louboutin so the combined force of the two had me positively reeling in excitement. The show is incredible. I can’t think of a better place to bring a date. It’s very seductive and extremely mesmerising. If you can get there I promise you it’s a hot night in Paris. Gorgeous show, Gorgeous shoes, Gorgeous girls. Perfect.

The Grand Finale The Louis Vuitton show, exposition and after party. The anticipation was palpable and when the shrill sound of the train rang and the steam came out, the gasps at the LV steam train quickly turned into a round of applause. The first show I have ever been to where the set got a round of applause. Much deserved. This was my favourite and most breath taking show of all time, like being transported onto a platform , waiting for th emost opulent version of the Orient express. Later that night after the wonderful exposition Celebrating Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at the Musée des Arts décoratifsanother must see in Paris, we partied the night away on the set of the show. Dancing in the train carriage was so much fun as was getting handed drinks in through the windows! Please Sir can I have another ticket to ride?

Click HERE to see the spectacular LV steam train in action.

Porters at Louis Vuitton, fabulous …

Instant show inspiration on the journey home

Love these Animal head Mannequins at the Exposition

IMG_0267 copy