Fluorobsession – Harvey Nichols Press Day SS11

I have an obsession with Fluoro. “Fluorobsession” an affliction that makes me compulsively buy/acquire anything that I see in a fluorescent shade.Behind my desk a massive Pink Neon Smiley face beams, a beacon of light in whose pink fluoro glow I bask.  Behind my assistants desk a Neon Yellow Smiley face glows. A Nu Rave SAD light of sorts. When they’re glowing we’re happy, everyone’s happy and that is the Joy of Fluoro it is a colour “upper”

Pretty happy then to see Fluoro making yet another Fashion comeback in the Spring Summer ’11 collections. ESPECIALLY Christopher Kane’s Fluoro lace confections.  The most perfect pieces ever. ” Dress Uppers” that inspired us to design the Harvey Nichols Press day in all those bright acid Shades we love so much

Fluorescent greenhouses Housed Beauty, shoes and Men’s accessories. Fluoro swings to perch on and pie pops to snack on in fluoro trays . Summer ’11 we can hardly wait!


Christopher Kane. Gorgeousness in the extreme. Need this dress


A Fluoro Greenhouse ” shoehouse”


I like the idea of my Summer shoes being housed like this in winter. Retiring seasonally to the “ShoeGreenhouse”


Tom Dixon’s Fluoro coat stand. Elevating the mundane in the brightest possible way


Fluoro Green Greenhouse


Love these bags!


A Graphic fluoro Plan chest housed new collections of Jewelery and accessories

IMG_9332-copy copy

Fluoro Swings. Fun times

DSC00695-2 copy

Pie Pops a new obsession. Made by the Fifth Floor restaurant. Delicious


My Neon Smiley face for an Instant Good Time.