ELLE Style Awards 2013

How time flies! Last week we designed  the ELLE Style Awards for the 4th consecutive year. This year we felt the time was right for monochrome. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty of black, white and the contrast between the two – especially when geometric shapes and patterns are added to the mix. The joy of working on the Elle Style Awards is that we get to channel the fashion zeitgest and make it event-relevant. The entire proceedings were a monochrome dream!

A lot of the things we love the idea of don’t actually exist. So we got crafty and made tablescapes from cardboard and electrical tape. Plumbing supplies were put to more glamorous use: candelabras from copper piping and joints, and vases made from household piping. See below for some of our behind-the-scenes and ‘making of’ shots. Thank you to ELLE magazine and to Q Events for another year of working on one of our favourite parties.

Our initial inspiration

Geometric Cardboard Vase Crafting

Initial experiments with straws for the design of our neon light installation!

And here it is ….

White carnation polka dots

Chloe going slightly Dotty …… 1070 Dots stuck on for the after party

The White table

White table arrangement

Monochrome table arrangement

Black table

Black table arrangement

Giant Chess Set for the Afterparty

Scalloped paper walls

The train set transporting chocolates . Monochrome Express

Love this African Fabric . It works so perfectly here

Chevron and on and on

All at the lovely Savoy Hotel!