Dior – Harry’s Bar

We recently created  a dinner setting for one of our all-time favourite brands, Dior.

The dinner was to mark the opening of a Dior ‘wonderland’ at Harrods – including a café, exhibition, window display and pop-up shop. We decided to create an homage in miniature form to two famous London landmarks – Tower Bridge and the London Eye in keeping with the Dior campaign and Harrods windows . We love the idea of bringing elements to the table that wouldn’t otherwise be there .

The amazing Dior campaign featuring the London Eye.

Our models, made to the exact scale of the real buildings, creating our own tiny London in Harry’s Bar, Dior style.

Wax seal CD napkin rings

Our custom made pop-up menus mimicked the models, with tiny Dior logos embellishing the towers and Eye

…and it seems that the guests were as fond of the models as we were!