Damien Hirst- Doha

To celebrate Damien Hirst’s first exhibition in the Middle East we were asked to create the after party of all after parties in the Doha desert. Taking inspiration from traditional Middle Eastern patterns and Damien’s modern aesthetic, we built tents lined in monochromatic print and adorned them with copper lanterns. The tables were lined in rich black oil cloth (our new favourite material) and accessorised with gold studs. Beautiful copper beat vases gave us a backdrop for the sumptuous middle eastern feast and we sourced local bowls from the Souq to create exotic flower arrangements comprised of succulents and aloe vera.

Arrival in Doha

Damien Hirst Pharmacy Juice bar, Doha Desert

The Prada Oasis, shop selling the limited edition Damien Hirst and Prada collaboration handbag

The opulent feasting table

Brass and copper hanging lanterns

Camel dressing, Pom poms and tassels

Camel dressing and the beautiful desert

Desert swings

Desert fire pits

Damien himself

Succlents and tealights

A little shopping