• Green Tea Obsession

    I fulfilled a life-long ambition recently and went to Japan. There are so many things that I adore about Japan. The culture, the Kitsch, the food and of course my two favourite beverages Sake and green tea
    To really exercise my Green tea obsession I took myself to Uji in Kyoto, a green tea producing region. A green tea mecca where I ate , drank, licked and inhaled every form of green tea substance known to man. I just can’t wait to do it all over again…..


    Green Tea Jelly, Green tea ice-cream topped with Matcha green tea Powder. Heaven, I dream of this often.


    Matcha Green tea Shochu. Killer drink this was a nightcap…..


    Adorable Tea houses with the most adorable packaging


    EVERYTHING with Green tea. No joke


    Green Tea Cheesecake


    I have Squirreled boxes of these home and my supplies are dwindling.Fast



    Green Tea Kit-Kat so wrong but the most Brilliant kitsch Gift


    Green Tea coke and a smile


    Green Tea in it’s purer form (pre Kit-Kat)


    A Tea Emporium. Love their tea chests


    A Portion of my days Green tea related purchases that I had great fun arranging on the floor of my Ryokan. Japanese Packaging makes me sublimely happy


    Agreed .

  • Waterford Crystal


    Riley is partial to drinking his water from Waterford Crystal too…

    Being Irish and having a particular love for handcrafted objects with more than a hint of heritage, I have a very soft spot for Waterford crystal. Founded in 1783, it’s a perfect fit. I love using crystal and don’t  believe in saving it up for special occasions. I personally  love using the most spectacular cut crystal goblets for my everyday water. It’s all about transforming the mundane…and light. Reflecting, chaneling and conducting light and that is what cut crystal does so wonderfully. I believe it’s worth investing in and love the idea of my glassware being used generation after generation. My Household heirlooms if you like.

    I was saddened when the original Waterford crystal factory shut recently but feel privileged to have seen first hand the original factory when I worked on a project there last year. From the hand drawn felt tip pen markings on the glass to the wonderfully detailed sketches for each piece it was truly remarkable to see how much went into each object. I had the ultimate joy in creating my fantasy dining table setting entirely from Waterford crystal and Wedgwood china (another favourite). I pulled everything I could from the archives and showroom floor…From majestic trophies and gigantic punchbowls to tiny delicate glass slippers and dainty perfume bottles. A very upmarket supermarket sweep. The good news is that Waterford Crystal will reopen in June and to that I will raise my most exquisite cut glass!


    The original machines


    Love the religious sea shell shrine  overlooking the factory floor


    The hand drawn illustrations are so pretty ……


    As are the computerized ones



    Felt tips markings to show where the crystal gets cut. What a great still life


    crystal stetson anyone?


    A glass slipper. Cinderella moment


    This was the recycling bin. The kind of recycling bin I like…


    We fashioned the most beautiful table runner from crystal trays all placed together


    The start of the Crystal sweep!


    crystal on crystal….It gets addictive.


    Nearly finished



    And dinner in the reflection of the most wonderful chandelier. Nice.

  • Loving Lace


    I absolutely adore lace. It has such a romantic and ethereal quality, yet used in certain ways can be quite bold and provocative. I love to use lace in my event design. In dark colours it adds a moodiness and depth, in pale colours it adds a soft frailty. I have been designing and producing bespoke lace panels pretty much since I started doing events…from Middle Eastern Royal weddings to Christian Louboutin’s shop windows; Lace just works on so many levels. What is so especially wonderful is that it can be personalized with monograms, initials, logos, artworks.

    I recently visited the factory in Scotland that creates these beautiful pieces for me, it is the last factory in the world that produces Nottingham and Madras lace. It was so wonderful to see a factory that has been running since Victorian times still in action (with working original machinery!) It is incredible to see something as intricate as a piece of lace being made; so much work and detail goes into each piece. Much as I appreciated lace for it’s beauty I now appreciate how much intensity of labour goes into it’s making.

    All the more reason to make and to treasure.


    Thousands of beautiful wooden bobbins.



    How beautiful are the machines?




    Christian Louboutin‘s lace panels. Branded Lace


    Dita Von Teese’s Lace panel. Monogram Lace


    Kova & T Logo lace

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