• Sybarite Jewellery Dinner

    We designed and produced a dinner for Sybarite Jewellery hosted by Natalia Vodianova at Zaha Hadid’s Sackler Gallery.Taking inspiration from Sybarite’s jewellery line we created a table of moving ballerinas and carousels who were set on an illuminated silver runner. Guests were greeted by a life sized snow globe containing a whimsical performance to music. Inside, the air of romanticism continued  with snow globe placements and a dreamy mirror moon photo set. Following dinner guests pulled bespoke crackers and one lucky lady found the key to a pair of Sybarite earrings, for those who weren’t so lucky on leaving the party they received a goodie box filled with bespoke glass engraved Sybarite baubles and chocolates created in the shape of the Sybarite print. A fun way to start the Christmas festivities….

  • Just Married ~ How to Celebrate Your Wedding in Style According to Fiona Leahy

    It has always been a dream to share our ideas and vision and I am so excited to have collaborated with Gestalten to write this book on weddings. The celebration of marriage is one of the most evocative occasions most of us will experience, either as a participant or as a guest. There is an alchemy involved that is completely unique and I feel incredibly fortunate to have forged a career that gives me the chance to experience first-hand the personal mix of imagination and artistry that is unique to each wedding.

    Available to buy on: http://shop.gestalten.com/just-married.html

  • Green Tea Obsession

    I fulfilled a life-long ambition recently and went to Japan. There are so many things that I adore about Japan. The culture, the Kitsch, the food and of course my two favourite beverages Sake and green tea
    To really exercise my Green tea obsession I took myself to Uji in Kyoto, a green tea producing region. A green tea mecca where I ate , drank, licked and inhaled every form of green tea substance known to man. I just can’t wait to do it all over again…..


    Green Tea Jelly, Green tea ice-cream topped with Matcha green tea Powder. Heaven, I dream of this often.


    Matcha Green tea Shochu. Killer drink this was a nightcap…..


    Adorable Tea houses with the most adorable packaging


    EVERYTHING with Green tea. No joke


    Green Tea Cheesecake


    I have Squirreled boxes of these home and my supplies are dwindling.Fast



    Green Tea Kit-Kat so wrong but the most Brilliant kitsch Gift


    Green Tea coke and a smile


    Green Tea in it’s purer form (pre Kit-Kat)


    A Tea Emporium. Love their tea chests


    A Portion of my days Green tea related purchases that I had great fun arranging on the floor of my Ryokan. Japanese Packaging makes me sublimely happy


    Agreed .

  • The Ultimate Street Party – The Savoy Diamond Jubilee

    We love The Savoy hotel. The black and gold Beaufort Bar is one of  my all time favourite bars in London – yes it’s that gold obsession again! We were delighted when we were asked to work on The Savoy’s street party to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, held in their Iconic Art Deco Forecourt. (As an aside I so want to do a dinner in the forecourt, in the glow of that gorgeous neon sign… as well as a black & gold dinner in the beaufort bar. But that’s for another day…)

    For the Jubilee lunch we made luxurious rosettes and whimsical paper party favours – moustaches, glasses, lips and crowns for guests to play with. A table scape of blue, red and white flowers and berries gave  a botanical, patriotic feeling. Blue delphiniums, royal blue hydrangea, white stock & sweet peas and blue and white nigella were punctuated by miniature strawberry plants for an edible  dash of red.

    The Lalique Fountain filled with Bombay Sapphire was exquisite. There’s nothing quite like a drinkable fountain of Gin, now, is there? But we have to admit, the corgis stole the show. Absolute cuteness!

    Now when’s the next street party?



    Miniature strawberries … irresistable
    Swans are owned by the Queen so we scattered china Swans on the table . Majestic Birds

    The Lalique Gin Fountain
    The Iconic Art Deco forecourt


    Brett from the Savoy with the Best Jacket!

    A trio of Corgis…… Love!
  • Dita Von Teese – Perfume Launch at Liberty


    We recently art directed and produced the Liberty launch of Dita Von Teeses’ first fragrance in-store and the celebratory dinner that evening at the Dover Street Arts Club.


    Flanked by handsome men. THIS is what happens when you wear the right fragrance …..


    Vintage black swans filled with blood red roses


    Setting up the dining room at Dover Street Arts club. A gorgeous room.


    Vintage Compacts made the prettiest placement & guest gift (cigarette cases for the boys)


    We ransacked the Liberty Haberdashery department and had these lovely napkins made from Tana Lawn Boadicea


    Vintage compacts and perfume bottles scattered down the entire stretch of table.



    An illuminated runner of soft pink roses and peonies. Dreamy but modern.


    Champagne our favourite way … In a tower!

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