• Damien Hirst- Doha

    To celebrate Damien Hirst’s first exhibition in the Middle East we were asked to create the after party of all after parties in the Doha desert. Taking inspiration from traditional Middle Eastern patterns and Damien’s modern aesthetic, we built tents lined in monochromatic print and adorned them with copper lanterns. The tables were lined in rich black oil cloth (our new favourite material) and accessorised with gold studs. Beautiful copper beat vases gave us a backdrop for the sumptuous middle eastern feast and we sourced local bowls from the Souq to create exotic flower arrangements comprised of succulents and aloe vera.

    Arrival in Doha

    Damien Hirst Pharmacy Juice bar, Doha Desert

    The Prada Oasis, shop selling the limited edition Damien Hirst and Prada collaboration handbag

    The opulent feasting table

    Brass and copper hanging lanterns

    Camel dressing, Pom poms and tassels

    Camel dressing and the beautiful desert

    Desert swings

    Desert fire pits

    Damien himself

    Succlents and tealights

    A little shopping

  • Berluti

    We recently designed and produced a dinner for the new Berluti store launch in London at the Blain Southern Gallery during the Bill Viola Exhibition.  It was a refreshing opportunity to work on a very masculine event.  We created bespoke long grey wooden tables with sunken centre troughs that we filled with gorgeous succulents for a seamless, bucolic run.  I adore succulents.  Their fleshy sculptural forms and incredible colour variations were the perfect masculine alternative to flowers.


    Berluti was established in 1895 and in the workshop the makers wear leather aprons, which we thought would work brilliantly on the event waiting staff to bring an element of the workshop to the table.  Photograph by Nick Vinson

    Leather embossed menus, which were then patinated by Berluti craftsmen with Berluti shoehorns on top.

     Bill Viola’s art work adorned the walls.

    Valentine Warner made all the food and the amazing Colin Field from the Hemmingway Bar at the Ritz created delicious bespoke cocktails.

  • Dior – Harry’s Bar

    We recently created  a dinner setting for one of our all-time favourite brands, Dior.

    The dinner was to mark the opening of a Dior ‘wonderland’ at Harrods – including a café, exhibition, window display and pop-up shop. We decided to create an homage in miniature form to two famous London landmarks – Tower Bridge and the London Eye in keeping with the Dior campaign and Harrods windows . We love the idea of bringing elements to the table that wouldn’t otherwise be there .

    The amazing Dior campaign featuring the London Eye.

    Our models, made to the exact scale of the real buildings, creating our own tiny London in Harry’s Bar, Dior style.

    Wax seal CD napkin rings

    Our custom made pop-up menus mimicked the models, with tiny Dior logos embellishing the towers and Eye

    …and it seems that the guests were as fond of the models as we were!


  • Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery store opening – Place Vendôme

    It’s funny how in life sometimes things come full circle. A few years ago, in my magpie phase, I designed fine jewellery. One of my first freelance gigs after working at Garrard was designing the charms for Louis Vuitton fine jewellery. A wonderful job… Around that time I had also started doing events. Eventually, the events took over and the jewellery took a back seat. Fast forward to 2012, and in that wonderful organic way that life has of unfolding I was asked to work on the grand opening of the first Louis Vuitton fine jewellery store, at the infamous Place Vendôme.


    Place Vendôme has been a fine jewellery landmark since the late 1800s, its most distinctive feature the giant column in the centre. We decided to recreate this in plaster intaglio form for each guest to take home a piece of Vendôme.



    A menagerie of finery in the Vendôme windows…


    dancing fether girls circle-resized

    dancing fether girls 2-resized

    Inspired by the fabulous ostrich feather fans featured in FANCLUB – a spectacular celebration of Louis Vuitton’s exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris, by Ruth Hogben and Katie Grand, for Love Magazine – we draped huge swag chandeliers in nude and white ombre marabou…


    …reflected in gold mirror tabletops.



    Stunning Westwood-esque plaster figurines softened by blush and nude roses for a feminine and very Parisienne table centre.



    030-AT4P0822-reduced copy




  • Christmas Crackers – a how-to

    We’ve been busy making hundreds of crackers for Louis Vuitton Charming Christmas parties all over the UK – so many that we’re now bonafide christmas cracker experts. We thought we’d put this to good use just before Christmas and create a mini cracker tutorial so that you can cracker-make at home. We filled ours with mini bottles of champagne bubbles, Japanese paper balloons and bespoke perspex good luck charms, but do add in your own personal touches. My personal favourites this Christmas are some beautiful silk knickers from Agent Provocateur and Sermon Vouchers from the the School of Life. No more plastic screwdriver kits and bad jokes ……Enjoy!

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