• Louis Vuitton – ” Doggy Style” Vogue Fashions Night Out



    We were so excited when we were asked to design Louis Vuitton’s worldwide Fashions Night Out. We ADORE the current Louis Vuitton campaign with gorgeous girls and equally gorgeous dogs. We are ever so slightly Dog Obsessed at FLD…to put it mildly. So Dogs had to be a feature. Dogs (real ones) and Parties don’t mix that well so we decided on balloon dogs in matte and glossy black for a slick sexier take on kitsch balloon animals crafted by the wonderful Twistina.




    Our version of the photo booth. Illustrated Pier Boards inspired by the campaign


    Illustrations by the amazing Jo Ratcliffe our absolute favourite illustrator.


    The Pier Boards in Situ


    Love it that a real dog stopped by



    Nothing like a french maid with a balloon dog.


    The most desirable “Doggy Bag”… sorry couldn’t resist!

  • Oh! Oh! Montenegro!


    One of the best aspects of my job is getting to see and explore beautiful locations that I would otherwise possibly not discover.

    Montenegro is one of those places. If you haven’t been…move it to the top of your destination list immediately. An idyllic and fascinating country that I quickly fell in love with. We recently produced a very special 40th birthday there. A magical three night affair in July that is still making me smile.

    The party was held in Porto Montenegro which is an incredible development developed by Peter Munk in an old Yugoslavian naval base. In the place of massive submarines are now massive super yachts and what is probably the most perfect swimming pool in the world. An infinity pool that blends seamlessly with the vast azure sea, framed by a bronze sculpture that reminds you what a great picture it all is.


    The pool, complete with our giant inflatable dinosaur. Every pool needs one of these.



    Boys polishing mirrorballs, every pool needs these too…….


    Because they are essential if you are going to fill a pool with giant glistening mirrorballs which is exactly what I have always wanted to do.


    Waving goodbye to the sun the party ensued with neon palm trees framing the dance floor. Electric dreams.





    The gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez who as well as being an incredible actress. Is. The. Best . DJ…Fact.


    The incredible Sam Obernik performed in disco appropriate Gareth Pugh with a mirrorball in her hair


    The tables were lit with a stretch of nautical inspired buoys suspended by bronze and black rope and filament bulbs.


    Swings around the dance floor. Now that’s a good time…


    …and how does the perfect party end? Well, when Porto Montenegro throw us a pool party to say thank you! The perfect ending. Thank you PM for the best pool party we’ve ever been to (honestly) and for such a wonderful gesture. We can’t wait to come back!

    More on the other two Montenegro events to follow


  • Lucy In Disguise


    We have been guilty of neglecting our blog recently. Flattered though that it’s been missed and that we’ve had irate emails demanding more regular updates.

    Phew! We recently worked with the lovely Lucy in Disguise sisters, Lily Allen and Sarah Owen to throw a suitably summery party to celebrate their new collection being launched in Harvey Nichols. Inspired by their collection, which has hints of Americana, we decided to do a party channeling Coney Island meets Neon Graveyard.

    On a recent trip to Venice beach in LA I spent way too long having fun posing with the seaside Pier Boards (the low-fi photo booth.) We decided to use these as the main backdrop and as an illustration of the new Lucy in Disguise designs. We had gold leaf hot dogs, macaroni cheese and burgers served in Pink Cadillacs. Doesn’t everything taste better in a Pink Cadillac? Lashings of delicious home made ice cream from Yee Kwan for dessert and our Coney Island Canape set was complete.

    Another great Sister set “The Broken Hearts” DJ’d in their nautical, but nice (wink wink) Lucy in Disguise Romper suits. Love these Girls. Not only do they look amazing, they sound amazing too. Check out their new radio show here.

    Fun Fun Fun coupled with the killer 5th floor margaritas, it almost felt like being on holiday again…


    Adore this Ice Cream Cone from Circus Antiques. We all need one of these don’t we?


    Neon and On and On………




    My girls. Anna, Makeda and Laura. Loving the boards…



    Photography by Roo Kendall

  • Louis Vuitton Double Exposure – Press Preview & Dinner


    We recently worked on a particularly gorgeous event with Louis Vuitton to celebrate their “Double Exposure” Project. A press launch and dinner for their collaboration with Sam Taylor-Wood, Bay Garnett and Tom Craig.

    The Double Exposure images are beautiful, ethereal wet plate images of Sam and her personal objects. The wet plate process is magical. Check out the making of film here.

    Personally I am particularly inspired by items and momentos that people collect, with this is mind we decided to make a feature of hundreds of found objects. We cast and dipped all of the objects in plaster to give a white utilitarian uniformity to an otherwise eclectic mix. Enlisting the skills of the hugely talented sculptresses Maddie Sharrock & Lily Octavia Brown we set up a ‘plaster studio’ where they crafted souvenirs, trophies, architectural models, random items and memorabilia into unique pieces of art.

    Accompanying these we used Kathy Dalwood’s beautiful plaster busts which are 20th century interpretations of portrait busts from the 18th & 19th centuries. Traditional busts adorned with large scale incongruous objects. We love Kathy’s work and were thrilled to be able to use so many of her pieces in such a remarkable setting. Truly a dream project.


    We had a lot of fun with a lot of plaster in the studio! (see more of the making of the plaster objects on Fred Butler’s wonderful blog here)


    Double Exposure Press Launch





    The neon and perspex provided the perfect clean backdrop to the elaborate table centre that unfolded


    Kathy Dalwoods Sculptures are sublime. One of my favourites “Tower Bridge Dragoon”


    White Lilac and White Roses were the perfect neutral flowers set on an illuminated perspex runner.



    Plaster Tassles on suede ribbon as placement and napkin ring. Love a delicate item such as a Tassle being made in plaster.


    Metres of flexible neon underlit all the objects, highlighting everything in a bright contemporary fashion.

  • Louis Vuitton – An Illustrated Dinner


    We recently designed a dinner that allowed us incredible creativity. The Louis Vuitton Paris team held a fabulous dinner in central London. We Love the idea of being in beautifully designed luxurious surroundings and having the contrast of a hand painted craft paper table cloth. A long stretch of art to eat from and enjoy, there wasn’t a scrap of tablecloth left at the end of dinner. So great to see guests tearing their place setting up, proof for us that it’s worked it’s magic.



    Applying lipstick, using a knife as a mirror. There’s a trick.


    One of my favourite “Tablecloth Girls” with cocktail sticks for heels (complete with Olives), Martini Heels?


    The table was adorned with a stretch of Slipper orchids & Succulents accompanied by magnifying glasses and mirrors.


    A delicious tasting menu of six courses by Nuno Mendes for Viajante. Each course matched with accompanying wine. Words can’t explain how divine this food was. We illustrated the menu and  used suede ribbon and magnifying glasses as napkin rings (Perfect for reading the small print)


    We had the Experimental Cocktail Club come set up bar and make some of their signature cocktails. Can’t really get enough of their Opium Express.


    Table cloth to go?

    Photography by Ed Reeves


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