• Berluti

    We recently designed and produced a dinner for the new Berluti store launch in London at the Blain Southern Gallery during the Bill Viola Exhibition.  It was a refreshing opportunity to work on a very masculine event.  We created bespoke long grey wooden tables with sunken centre troughs that we filled with gorgeous succulents for a seamless, bucolic run.  I adore succulents.  Their fleshy sculptural forms and incredible colour variations were the perfect masculine alternative to flowers.


    Berluti was established in 1895 and in the workshop the makers wear leather aprons, which we thought would work brilliantly on the event waiting staff to bring an element of the workshop to the table.  Photograph by Nick Vinson

    Leather embossed menus, which were then patinated by Berluti craftsmen with Berluti shoehorns on top.

     Bill Viola’s art work adorned the walls.

    Valentine Warner made all the food and the amazing Colin Field from the Hemmingway Bar at the Ritz created delicious bespoke cocktails.

  • ELLE Style Awards 2013

    How time flies! Last week we designed  the ELLE Style Awards for the 4th consecutive year. This year we felt the time was right for monochrome. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty of black, white and the contrast between the two – especially when geometric shapes and patterns are added to the mix. The joy of working on the Elle Style Awards is that we get to channel the fashion zeitgest and make it event-relevant. The entire proceedings were a monochrome dream!

    A lot of the things we love the idea of don’t actually exist. So we got crafty and made tablescapes from cardboard and electrical tape. Plumbing supplies were put to more glamorous use: candelabras from copper piping and joints, and vases made from household piping. See below for some of our behind-the-scenes and ‘making of’ shots. Thank you to ELLE magazine and to Q Events for another year of working on one of our favourite parties.

    Our initial inspiration

    Geometric Cardboard Vase Crafting

    Initial experiments with straws for the design of our neon light installation!

    And here it is ….

    White carnation polka dots

    Chloe going slightly Dotty …… 1070 Dots stuck on for the after party

    The White table

    White table arrangement

    Monochrome table arrangement

    Black table

    Black table arrangement

    Giant Chess Set for the Afterparty

    Scalloped paper walls

    The train set transporting chocolates . Monochrome Express

    Love this African Fabric . It works so perfectly here

    Chevron and on and on

    All at the lovely Savoy Hotel!

  • Louis Vuitton & Kusama – The Whitney Museum, NY

    Last week we got to come to one of our favourite cities, New York. We were asked to produce and design Louis Vuitton & W Magazine’s dinner and celebration at the Whitney Museum to mark the launch of the incredible Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama collaboration.

    We felt incredibly honoured to help realise an event that not only celebrated Kusama but also her return to New York – her favourite city and where she lived in the 70s, in what some might term her hey day.


    Kusama’s exhibition is currently at the Whitney. Fireflies on the Water is an experience not to be missed…



    Inspired by Kusama’s use of mirror, reflectivity and love of red and by an early portrait of the artist surrounded by dahlias, we designed a dinner that, to this day, is my absolute favourite! A neon strip underlit runners containing thousands of dahlias in shades of red orange and pink, like botanical ‘go faster’ stripes stretching down each table.



    The food was exquisite – a japanese inspired menu by chef Michael Anthony from the famed Gramercy Tavern.


    We also got the chance to import some of our favourite things from the UK . The Broken Hearts DJ duo who outspotted themselves and Jellymongers supreme Bompas and Parr who created a wobbling sculptural jelly installation inspired by Kusama’s organic forms.




    To top it all off, a dreamy set by Blonde Redhead, accompanied by Kusama’s Self Obliteration film.


    All photos courtesy of the wonderful Belathée

    Flowers by Fleurs NYC

  • The Ultimate Street Party – The Savoy Diamond Jubilee

    We love The Savoy hotel. The black and gold Beaufort Bar is one of  my all time favourite bars in London – yes it’s that gold obsession again! We were delighted when we were asked to work on The Savoy’s street party to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, held in their Iconic Art Deco Forecourt. (As an aside I so want to do a dinner in the forecourt, in the glow of that gorgeous neon sign… as well as a black & gold dinner in the beaufort bar. But that’s for another day…)

    For the Jubilee lunch we made luxurious rosettes and whimsical paper party favours – moustaches, glasses, lips and crowns for guests to play with. A table scape of blue, red and white flowers and berries gave  a botanical, patriotic feeling. Blue delphiniums, royal blue hydrangea, white stock & sweet peas and blue and white nigella were punctuated by miniature strawberry plants for an edible  dash of red.

    The Lalique Fountain filled with Bombay Sapphire was exquisite. There’s nothing quite like a drinkable fountain of Gin, now, is there? But we have to admit, the corgis stole the show. Absolute cuteness!

    Now when’s the next street party?



    Miniature strawberries … irresistable
    Swans are owned by the Queen so we scattered china Swans on the table . Majestic Birds

    The Lalique Gin Fountain
    The Iconic Art Deco forecourt


    Brett from the Savoy with the Best Jacket!

    A trio of Corgis…… Love!
  • Going for Gold – The Ecstasy of Alchemy

    I recently celebrated my 40th birthday. The run up to 40 was like a ticking time bomb that I pretty much wanted to avoid . Hence the timebomb invitation…. One  month before my birthday I shelved all plans for a small low key soiree and  decided to bite the bullet (the golden bullet) go all out and celebrate as if I was doing a birthday party for a dream client  (who just happened to be me). It’s incredible how things fall magically into place when you celebrate life, friendship and golden opportunities. I had the weekend of my dreams with friends, poetry, singing, dancing & much laughter. I think the ferret racing was one of my life’s funniest moments. There was even a lunar eclipse. Perfect Golden Moment. ♥♥♥♥


    The incredible setting of Aynhoe Park  where I held my birthday . The PERFECT venue!


    The Birthday Dinner Table setting




    Gilded Quails eggs for a midas moment



    We all need a Busby Berkeley moment

    Go cart racing by the polar bear. Quite an average night in……

    My favourite thing ever. A rose filled Champagne tower

    Night! XXX

    All pictures by Belathée Photography

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