• Dior – Harry’s Bar

    We recently created  a dinner setting for one of our all-time favourite brands, Dior.

    The dinner was to mark the opening of a Dior ‘wonderland’ at Harrods – including a café, exhibition, window display and pop-up shop. We decided to create an homage in miniature form to two famous London landmarks – Tower Bridge and the London Eye in keeping with the Dior campaign and Harrods windows . We love the idea of bringing elements to the table that wouldn’t otherwise be there .

    The amazing Dior campaign featuring the London Eye.

    Our models, made to the exact scale of the real buildings, creating our own tiny London in Harry’s Bar, Dior style.

    Wax seal CD napkin rings

    Our custom made pop-up menus mimicked the models, with tiny Dior logos embellishing the towers and Eye

    …and it seems that the guests were as fond of the models as we were!


  • ELLE Style Awards 2013

    How time flies! Last week we designed  the ELLE Style Awards for the 4th consecutive year. This year we felt the time was right for monochrome. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty of black, white and the contrast between the two – especially when geometric shapes and patterns are added to the mix. The joy of working on the Elle Style Awards is that we get to channel the fashion zeitgest and make it event-relevant. The entire proceedings were a monochrome dream!

    A lot of the things we love the idea of don’t actually exist. So we got crafty and made tablescapes from cardboard and electrical tape. Plumbing supplies were put to more glamorous use: candelabras from copper piping and joints, and vases made from household piping. See below for some of our behind-the-scenes and ‘making of’ shots. Thank you to ELLE magazine and to Q Events for another year of working on one of our favourite parties.

    Our initial inspiration

    Geometric Cardboard Vase Crafting

    Initial experiments with straws for the design of our neon light installation!

    And here it is ….

    White carnation polka dots

    Chloe going slightly Dotty …… 1070 Dots stuck on for the after party

    The White table

    White table arrangement

    Monochrome table arrangement

    Black table

    Black table arrangement

    Giant Chess Set for the Afterparty

    Scalloped paper walls

    The train set transporting chocolates . Monochrome Express

    Love this African Fabric . It works so perfectly here

    Chevron and on and on

    All at the lovely Savoy Hotel!

  • Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery store opening – Place Vendôme

    It’s funny how in life sometimes things come full circle. A few years ago, in my magpie phase, I designed fine jewellery. One of my first freelance gigs after working at Garrard was designing the charms for Louis Vuitton fine jewellery. A wonderful job… Around that time I had also started doing events. Eventually, the events took over and the jewellery took a back seat. Fast forward to 2012, and in that wonderful organic way that life has of unfolding I was asked to work on the grand opening of the first Louis Vuitton fine jewellery store, at the infamous Place Vendôme.


    Place Vendôme has been a fine jewellery landmark since the late 1800s, its most distinctive feature the giant column in the centre. We decided to recreate this in plaster intaglio form for each guest to take home a piece of Vendôme.



    A menagerie of finery in the Vendôme windows…


    dancing fether girls circle-resized

    dancing fether girls 2-resized

    Inspired by the fabulous ostrich feather fans featured in FANCLUB – a spectacular celebration of Louis Vuitton’s exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris, by Ruth Hogben and Katie Grand, for Love Magazine – we draped huge swag chandeliers in nude and white ombre marabou…


    …reflected in gold mirror tabletops.



    Stunning Westwood-esque plaster figurines softened by blush and nude roses for a feminine and very Parisienne table centre.



    030-AT4P0822-reduced copy




  • Christmas Crackers – a how-to

    We’ve been busy making hundreds of crackers for Louis Vuitton Charming Christmas parties all over the UK – so many that we’re now bonafide christmas cracker experts. We thought we’d put this to good use just before Christmas and create a mini cracker tutorial so that you can cracker-make at home. We filled ours with mini bottles of champagne bubbles, Japanese paper balloons and bespoke perspex good luck charms, but do add in your own personal touches. My personal favourites this Christmas are some beautiful silk knickers from Agent Provocateur and Sermon Vouchers from the the School of Life. No more plastic screwdriver kits and bad jokes ……Enjoy!

  • Robb Pruitt – Jimmy Choo

    We recently designed and produced an evening to celebrate Rob Pruitt’s collaboration with Jimmy Choo. Lots of fluoro, monochrome and degradé. We had a lot of fun embracing the aesthetic, from sending out paper panda balloon invitations (inspired by Pruitt’s Panda motif), to using Jimmy Choo Luggage tags as Placement…  AND we finally got to realise our long-time obsession and experimentation with degradé flowers – running from bright whites to deep burgundy, one of our favourites.


    The paper panda balloons used for invitations… we loved them so much they had to reappear for dinner.

    The Rob Pruitt , Jimmy Choo luggage tag used as placement

    Pandemonia standing in front of one of our favourite ‘step and repeats’

    The cocktail party featuring our signature metallic balloon wall.

    The dinner table setting.

    Degradé flowers. Love it when flowers can be used to a painterly effect.

    Thank you Cellar Society for being the best caterers

    Jimmy Choo and Rob Pruitt




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