• Louis Vuitton – How to Throw a Party


    Parties, Parties, Parties. Hands up I admit it, working as I do in events and having attended my fair share of parties when I’m not working……I can and have been a little Party jaded of late.

    My faith was restored last night at the Louis Vuitton Bond street store opening party. High Octane on every level. From Donna Summer singing “I feel love” with Marc Jacobs as her very own backing singer (yes he was) to the mesmerizing Punch Drunk experiences in a myriad of hidden rooms. This party was refreshing in that amongst the Luxury goods Event staples of beautiful aesthetics and beautiful people It was a truly unforgettable experience. There was so much thought and Imagination put into the tiniest details it all felt very personal and intimate  . We laughed and giggled our way around the rooms in the way one does at a relaxed dinner party. Very much like a journey, we went from walking through a Pine forest (admiring the smell of freshly trodden pine needles underfoot) and ending up in a yurt reading my very own tightly rolled message in a bottle. Ah. The message in a bottle, now that did please me enormously. It’s the little things amongst all the big things that make all the difference.

    More messages in bottles please. More parties like this please. We need them in our Universe.


    Incredible flowers in individual copper tubes by Absolute Flowers. Adore


    Love the filament bulbs suspended from the ceiling and hanging amongst the flowers


    One of the experience rooms. Everything was studded. EVERYTHING. Oh my! The giraffe from the window needs to hang out here with his studded hooves


    Studded table and books. Stud my world. Please do.


    A make believe old fashioned LV shop front


    A charming speakeasy that was found hidden away in a room amongst trunks and boxes. The Barman fixed me a “surprise” drink and it was a surprise. It contained my favourite Hix Morello cherries. How could he have known?


    Another lovely moment


    A room that was a four sided cabinet of curiosities



    Curiouser and curiouser


    The forest and the yurt. There was a rickshaw too but alas my camera battery died…

  • Louis Vuitton Bond Street Windows – My Kind Of Petting Zoo


    Today the new windows for the brand spanking Louis Vuitton Bond Street store were unveiled. Designed by the extraordinarily talented Faye McLoud and curated by Katie Grand. There are so many wonderful elements. Nestling in a frame of signature Gold Monogram mesh is the most delightful whimsical installation. Beautiful solemn bell jars containing little animals fashioned out of Louis Vuitton accessories. Adorable! The child in me wants to reach through the window and take the lot home.

    Not being greedy I’ll settle for just a few. My Smash and Grab list in order of preference are:

    1. The Frog

    2. The Owl

    3. The Hare.

    Any partners in Crime?


    Froggy Style




    Ginormous giraffe. Looks like taxidermy, it’s not. Cleverer still.


    The studded giraffe feet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all animals had feet like this? Even if  just for special occasions…

  • Flights Of Fancy


    “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”  ~Aaron Rose

    Inspired by a chandelier I saw in Paris, with a peacock perched on one of it’s crystal arms (so effortlessly louche) I have had the recent notion of putting taxidermy birds in Chandeliers for a party. I love the idea of an array of birds delicately dotted on the lights as if poised for flight.

    Here is a white dove that I placed in my bedroom chandelier, it totally belongs, like an ethereal extension of the light. It was wonderful to wake up to. Parties, bedrooms, do try this at home…


  • Doggy style – A Year in the Life of Riley


    The expression, “Living the life of Riley” suggests an ideal contented life, possibly living on someone else’s money, time or work. Rather than a negative freeloading or golddigging aspect, it instead implies that someone is kept or advantaged. The expression was popular in the 1880s, a time when James Whitcomb Riley‘s poems depicted the comforts of a prosperous home life,[1] but it could have an Irish origin: After the Reilly clan consolidated its hold on County Cavan, they minted their own money, accepted as legal tender even in England. These coins, called “O’Reillys” and “Reilly’s,” became synonymous with a monied person, and a gentleman freely spending was “living on his Reillys.” Wikipedia

    Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

    This weekend a year ago I stumbled out of bed cursing my hangover and lamenting the fact that I had made a Saturday morning arrangement. I would usually luxuriate in bed  but uncharacteristically I had made plans for a Saturday morning highlight session with the fabulous Gillian,  who sometimes sees to my tendrils.

    The old me would have cancelled, but I had just committed to keeping my commitments as a kind of new life challenge…and so I found myself on a Saturday morning speeding down Chamberlayne Road in the back of a minicab. Distracted by the sight of cherry blossom and Solomon Seal in the Window of Scarlett and Violet my local florist, the taxi screeched to a halt and I dashed inside deciding to make the morning more bearable by accessorizing it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Gillian.

    Inside the flower shop amongst the towering stalks of cow parsley and the pails of delicate sweet peas was a slightly hysterical woman with a small plastic cage. She was yelling about the puppy inside and begging anyone at all to relieve her of the burden. The puppy she wailed, was constantly crying and she couldn’t bear it anymore. We all blinked at each other in disbelief.

    Nobody took the puppy, the woman left the shop and my heart lurched. I worried about the fate of  this unloved creature. I decided immediately that I would take him from her and bring him to the Mayhew Animal Home, that at least would be better. I ran down the street after her just as she accosted another stranger. She demanded £80. I had no cash, we went back to Scarlet and Violet where I put him on my Amex and the start of a wonderful relationship ensued.

    riley flower 3L1030736The fateful bunch of flowers that brought us together

    He has crammed rather a lot into his first year. He has flown to Ireland in the Pilots cockpit, broken his leg, been snuck into many a swish eaterie, has his own tailors (Douglas Hayward), likes nipping to Scott’s afterwards, eats only organic (Lily’s Kitchen), has Craniosacral Therapy, has had a near death experience, has two wives and the holy grail…has been featured on the Vogue Blog with pictures of his seasonal tailors fitting. The life of Riley…

    A  few months after finding him I was dashing to an event meeting and grabbed a half used notebook. Idly passing the time in the back of the cab I opened the notebook. Ah! The dream diary that I kept for all of a week (more life improvements). Reading what was written was quite bizarre…

    “I am walking home from school in Tipperary, it is a long winding road and from behind a wall I hear a dog whining. I find a shivering puppy, a ginger and white terrier abandoned. I decide immediately to adopt him. We have a wonderful time together and my life is transformed by the Love I feel for this dog. I wake up from the dream and have immediate sadness that in reality I don’t own a ginger and white terrier. End of dream, end of diary”

    I stumbled upon Riley six months later,  not even remembering my dream until I found the notebook. Serendipity indeed.

    Happy Birthday Riley. Dreamdog!


    His favourite bedding, the train of my McQueen drama dress


    He’s partial to a Louboutin and has no interest in chewing them whatsoever. Perfect.

    Picture 2“I’m on the Vogue Blog bitches!”


    My favourite Riley expression. Blissed.


    How could anyone give this away?


    Nancy, one of his indifferent wives


    Harrods, he likes the Pet area particularly the Pupcakes in the bakery


    Hid for hours in the Burka pocket of a chair cover for a Middle Eastern wedding


    Barking orders from his desk


    He loves eating flowers, fitting for a dog found in a flower shop I guess.



    Brunch at The Wells, Hampstead.They have Lily’s kitchen dog food on the menu. We like

    LifeOfRiley27Partial to a pig’s snoutLifeOfRiley25

    On a visit to my osteopath, Gary Trainer. Riley dissapeared. We found him on a power plate in the room next door…Working on my fitness.


    Riley and his X-Ray selection. We could do a coffee table book on his X-Rays


    He likes to fit in. Color matching is his thing

    riley flower2

    A Ferrero Rocher Moment…

  • A Weekend of Period Sugarwork and Confectionery – Oh My!


    Pastillage table Markers for Dita Von Teese made by the talented cake designer Margaret Braun


    Pastillage table Markers for Dasha Zhukova’s Kova & T dinner in London

    The food historian Ivan Day is one of the most inspiring and informative people I have ever met. I am entranced with his recreations of historic tables and find his teachings on period food an endless fascination.

    Last weekend I went on my second Historic food course. We were shown how to make syllabubs, trifles, a Tudor Marchpane, comfits and pippin knots in Ivan’s kitchen which is a culinary alladins cave complete with an incredible array of antique Utensils.

    Lots of fun to be had including making Ice cream in the garden with a Georgian ice cream maker. Truly the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

    Period sugar work and confectionery is something that I adore. The only time I truly wish to travel back in time is when I see the incredible sugar confections that decorated the tables of Royalty in the Rococo age. The tables were works of art, the sugar sculptures were made with the definition and detail that only a gifted artist could create. I have borrowed some of these opulent edible ideas and used them on table dressing for my own events. Nothing as spectacular as Ivan’s recreations but I live in hope…someday I will get a spectacular commission and Ivan, in- between creating dazzling museum displays and educating us on the history of food will finally give in and create a table that truly fulfills all my nostalgic notions.


    A selection of confectionery we made at the weekend


    The sort of kitchen equipment I’d trade my Moulinex for


    A Pippin knot made from nothing but apple and sugar


    Printing the Pippin paste


    And here it is!


    The moulds are so beautiful




    Making a sugar pheasant



    Antique sugar craft tools made from Ivory


    More gorgeous implements


    A selection that includes comfits, a version of hundreds and thousands that literally takes hundreds and thousands of hours to make!


    Sugar sculpture is a precise art. The Spirit level is an essential tool.


    The making of a Tazza


    Tazza in construction


    And finally the finished Tazza. This is hours and hours of work


    Lunch being cooked in front of an open fire. Magical


    You can eat this… or you can keep it for about twenty years. Not exactly throwaway


    A monogrammed waffle maker… when a plain waffle just won’t do


    A Georgian Ice cream making device . Lot’s of stirring, lot’s of Ice and the MOST delicious ice cream ever!


    Ginger Ice cream made with an Ice cream mould . Delicious and stunning to look at the way I like my food


    One of Ivan’s curious books. This is secrets for young ladies. We all need to know how to order a silk -worm …


    …and remove freckles!



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