We recently designed and produced a dinner for the new Berluti store launch in London at the Blain Southern Gallery during the Bill Viola Exhibition.  It was a refreshing opportunity to work on a very masculine event.  We created bespoke long grey wooden tables with sunken centre troughs that we filled with gorgeous succulents for a seamless, bucolic run.  I adore succulents.  Their fleshy sculptural forms and incredible colour variations were the perfect masculine alternative to flowers.


Berluti was established in 1895 and in the workshop the makers wear leather aprons, which we thought would work brilliantly on the event waiting staff to bring an element of the workshop to the table.  Photograph by Nick Vinson

Leather embossed menus, which were then patinated by Berluti craftsmen with Berluti shoehorns on top.

 Bill Viola’s art work adorned the walls.

Valentine Warner made all the food and the amazing Colin Field from the Hemmingway Bar at the Ritz created delicious bespoke cocktails.