• Green Tea Obsession

    I fulfilled a life-long ambition recently and went to Japan. There are so many things that I adore about Japan. The culture, the Kitsch, the food and of course my two favourite beverages Sake and green tea
    To really exercise my Green tea obsession I took myself to Uji in Kyoto, a green tea producing region. A green tea mecca where I ate , drank, licked and inhaled every form of green tea substance known to man. I just can’t wait to do it all over again…..


    Green Tea Jelly, Green tea ice-cream topped with Matcha green tea Powder. Heaven, I dream of this often.


    Matcha Green tea Shochu. Killer drink this was a nightcap…..


    Adorable Tea houses with the most adorable packaging


    EVERYTHING with Green tea. No joke


    Green Tea Cheesecake


    I have Squirreled boxes of these home and my supplies are dwindling.Fast



    Green Tea Kit-Kat so wrong but the most Brilliant kitsch Gift


    Green Tea coke and a smile


    Green Tea in it’s purer form (pre Kit-Kat)


    A Tea Emporium. Love their tea chests


    A Portion of my days Green tea related purchases that I had great fun arranging on the floor of my Ryokan. Japanese Packaging makes me sublimely happy


    Agreed .

  • The Ultimate Street Party – The Savoy Diamond Jubilee

    We love The Savoy hotel. The black and gold Beaufort Bar is one of  my all time favourite bars in London – yes it’s that gold obsession again! We were delighted when we were asked to work on The Savoy’s street party to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, held in their Iconic Art Deco Forecourt. (As an aside I so want to do a dinner in the forecourt, in the glow of that gorgeous neon sign… as well as a black & gold dinner in the beaufort bar. But that’s for another day…)

    For the Jubilee lunch we made luxurious rosettes and whimsical paper party favours – moustaches, glasses, lips and crowns for guests to play with. A table scape of blue, red and white flowers and berries gave  a botanical, patriotic feeling. Blue delphiniums, royal blue hydrangea, white stock & sweet peas and blue and white nigella were punctuated by miniature strawberry plants for an edible  dash of red.

    The Lalique Fountain filled with Bombay Sapphire was exquisite. There’s nothing quite like a drinkable fountain of Gin, now, is there? But we have to admit, the corgis stole the show. Absolute cuteness!

    Now when’s the next street party?



    Miniature strawberries … irresistable
    Swans are owned by the Queen so we scattered china Swans on the table . Majestic Birds

    The Lalique Gin Fountain
    The Iconic Art Deco forecourt


    Brett from the Savoy with the Best Jacket!

    A trio of Corgis…… Love!
  • Going for Gold – The Ecstasy of Alchemy

    I recently celebrated my 40th birthday. The run up to 40 was like a ticking time bomb that I pretty much wanted to avoid . Hence the timebomb invitation…. One  month before my birthday I shelved all plans for a small low key soiree and  decided to bite the bullet (the golden bullet) go all out and celebrate as if I was doing a birthday party for a dream client  (who just happened to be me). It’s incredible how things fall magically into place when you celebrate life, friendship and golden opportunities. I had the weekend of my dreams with friends, poetry, singing, dancing & much laughter. I think the ferret racing was one of my life’s funniest moments. There was even a lunar eclipse. Perfect Golden Moment. ♥♥♥♥


    The incredible setting of Aynhoe Park  where I held my birthday . The PERFECT venue!


    The Birthday Dinner Table setting




    Gilded Quails eggs for a midas moment



    We all need a Busby Berkeley moment

    Go cart racing by the polar bear. Quite an average night in……

    My favourite thing ever. A rose filled Champagne tower

    Night! XXX

    All pictures by Belathée Photography

  • Dita Von Teese – Perfume Launch at Liberty


    We recently art directed and produced the Liberty launch of Dita Von Teeses’ first fragrance in-store and the celebratory dinner that evening at the Dover Street Arts Club.


    Flanked by handsome men. THIS is what happens when you wear the right fragrance …..


    Vintage black swans filled with blood red roses


    Setting up the dining room at Dover Street Arts club. A gorgeous room.


    Vintage Compacts made the prettiest placement & guest gift (cigarette cases for the boys)


    We ransacked the Liberty Haberdashery department and had these lovely napkins made from Tana Lawn Boadicea


    Vintage compacts and perfume bottles scattered down the entire stretch of table.



    An illuminated runner of soft pink roses and peonies. Dreamy but modern.


    Champagne our favourite way … In a tower!

  • Midnight in Paris

    I recently had a dreamlike visit to paris. When I need a dose of inspiration and some old fashioned glamour all I need is a ticket to the most anticipated show (Marc Jacobs 10th anniversary at Louis Vuitton) and I’m there.

    Went to the Jean Paul Goude retrospective at Les Arts Décoratifs which was amazing. No words I write can do justice to his genius. Go to the show if you can and see a visionary at work. I could say the same for the Tim Burton show at Cinémathèque Française which I went to that night. Inspiring in so many ways . I especially loved the collections of doodled on napkins, newspapers and notebooks that were so compelling to see and looked beautiful framed

    Click HERE to see a moving piece from the Tim Burton exhibition.

    The following night it was Christian Louboutins ” FEU” show at the crazy horse. I love the Crazy horse and I love Christian Louboutin so the combined force of the two had me positively reeling in excitement. The show is incredible. I can’t think of a better place to bring a date. It’s very seductive and extremely mesmerising. If you can get there I promise you it’s a hot night in Paris. Gorgeous show, Gorgeous shoes, Gorgeous girls. Perfect.

    The Grand Finale The Louis Vuitton show, exposition and after party. The anticipation was palpable and when the shrill sound of the train rang and the steam came out, the gasps at the LV steam train quickly turned into a round of applause. The first show I have ever been to where the set got a round of applause. Much deserved. This was my favourite and most breath taking show of all time, like being transported onto a platform , waiting for th emost opulent version of the Orient express. Later that night after the wonderful exposition Celebrating Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at the Musée des Arts décoratifsanother must see in Paris, we partied the night away on the set of the show. Dancing in the train carriage was so much fun as was getting handed drinks in through the windows! Please Sir can I have another ticket to ride?

    Click HERE to see the spectacular LV steam train in action.

    Porters at Louis Vuitton, fabulous …

    Instant show inspiration on the journey home

    Love these Animal head Mannequins at the Exposition

    IMG_0267 copy

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